August 2, 2019

{Guest Post} 7 Fun Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse After a Deployment

7 Fun Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse After a Deployment
Being a military spouse is never easy. When the military deploys your spouse, you become a single parent who needs superpowers to run the household and take care of the children. It’s exhausting, and the thought of losing your husband or wife weighs heavy on your mind—not to mention the lack of emotional connection and the absence of your spouse’s physical presence.

When they come home from a tough deployment, they’re as eager as you to reconnect. We’ve put together a list of fun ways to reconnect with your spouse after they return from a long deployment. So, greet your spouse confidently as he or she walks through the door and drops their ditty bag and life-saving LAPG tactical gear because you’ll have entertaining ways to strengthen your relationship.

1. Honeymoon
A mini vacation is a favorite for many people because getting away brings back fond memories of other special times together. It allows you to focus on your relationship and the love you have for each other. Try to get away even if it’s just for a weekend.

Sometimes going on vacation after deployment is tricky, so, if you can’t, pretend you’re a tourist where you live. Have a romantic candle-light dinner at home or out at a restaurant and go on a long walk. Plan a picnic in the park. It’s critical to cherish each moment spent together because you never know which deployment will be your spouse’s last.

2.Reconnect with Memories
Use old photos to make a timeline of all your favorite memories as a couple. Talk about how you first met or your wedding day. Where was your first kiss? If you live close to the place where you first met or got married, take a trip to that location to bring those memories to life. 

You probably don’t live close to those locations but walk down memory lane the next time you go home for a visit. Couples with busy lives can grow apart over time. It takes effort to remain committed to each other. Reminiscing helps you see what attracted you to each other in the first place. Rekindle the romance and recommit to your life as a couple.
3.Take a Cooking Class
Relationship experts say that cooking together helps you reconnect because it allows you to work as a team. Calphalon sponsored a survey around 2016 that Lightspeed GMI conducted on how cooking influences a couple’s relationship. 

The survey asked approximately 1,000 adults aged 18 and older what they think about cooking and relationships. Eighty-seven percent of those people said it’s one of the best activities to strengthen a relationship. The study illustrated that couples highly value communication and cooking together fosters excellent communication.

No matter what stage of their relationship the respondents were in, they all agreed that cooking strengthens relationships via communication. Around 92 percent of those surveyed also said that preparing food for your significant other is an incredible way to show them that you love them.

In fact, eating separately from your husband or wife can damage your relationship. It sends a message that you aren’t a team, and it can cause conflict. So, take that cooking class or even cook a meal at home listening to your favorite music with your mate.

4.Have a Pajama Party
This activity comes from licensed family and marriage therapist, Robyn D’Angelo. She suggests that you put on your favorite music and get some of each other’s favorite food and treats. Most importantly, don’t talk about what type of pajamas you’ll wear to the pajama party. This activity would be a great one for when the kids stay at a friend’s or family member’s house. 

5.Create Mystery Dates
Take turns planning a mystery date. This activity requires you each to pay attention to one another’s ideas about exciting places and activities, and then incorporate those ideas into the mystery date. For example, maybe your soldier mentioned a mountain town that they’d like to discover. Find a unique place to have lunch there and plan some activities that he or she would love like hiking or zip lining.

Make sure that you take care of all the details, such as finding a babysitter or paying for attractions. Keep the date a secret but tell your partner what to wear. This activity engages your empathy muscles while you design and plan fun activities that you’ll enjoy as a couple.

6.Create a Jar of Activities
Another fun exercise to help you reconnect with your soldier is for each of you to create a jar filled with different seasonal activities that you would love to do, such as kayaking or tubing. Write each idea on a piece of paper, fold it up, and put it in the jar. Each time you want to do something together, take turns drawing an activity out of each jar.

Susan Lager, licensed psychotherapist and self-help author, created this activity to bring couples closer together. She said that you could also spice things up and use the same process for physical touch. With this exercise, it's critical to honor each other’s fantasy in a safe and exciting way.
7.Find a New Hobby to Do Together
Maybe he likes to hunt, and you’d rather do creative projects. Sit down and discuss your different favorite activities, and then find common ground between them. You can usually even find a connection between active and sedentary hobbies. Figure out an activity that factors in things that both of you like.

For instance, perhaps take up hiking or walking in the woods. He can look at animals through a sturdy pair of LAPG binoculars while you take pictures for a scrapbook or unique photo album.

Reconnecting Requires Effort from Both Sides
Reconnecting takes effort from you and your military spouse, whether it's staying in and cooking together or going on a new adventure in a new town. In today’s busy world, you may have to schedule times to reconnect in your hectic life. It's worth the time and effort to strengthen your relationship so that you can be a more successful couple, as well as better parents.

Meta Data: Reconnecting with your spouse after they return from deployment can be difficult and takes time. Here are some fun ideas to reconnect and grow stronger as a couple to enhance your relationship. There are even ideas for partners with diverse interests.

Thank you for this guest post: Mark Hedman, CEO of LA Police Gear, LA Police Gear

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