January 1, 2019

{Guest Post} Beat The Heat With These Summer Wedding Food Ideas

What can be more romantic than a wedding under the warmth of the alluring sun? Summer weddings have always been an ideal choice for most of the couples as there is nothing more spectacular and romantic than a summer evening when the sky plays an orchestra of colors as the sun starts to set.

Weddings being the most beautiful and precious ceremony of your lives, both the couple and their families want everything to be special and perfect. While talking about perfections, it’s not just the bride’s wedding dress or the decor that has to be done with complete sincerity.  One very important part of the wedding is the food and menu which has to be given equal significance. We know the struggle of spending days looking out for the ideal menu for the wedding and therefore we have come up with some great menu ideas that you can use for your summer wedding celebration.
Include Fresh Juices, Mocktails and Popsicles Into the Menu
As you are planning for a summer wedding it is vital to focus on the fact that no matter how beautiful the day will be, it is going to be warm. So we need to incorporate fresh juices and cold beverages into the menu. You can even make your own if you have the right blender. The guests will love and devour the summer mocktails as it will add a bit of chill to the hot summer weather. You can order for colorful fruity popsicles as well. Trust me it will be an absolute hit on your wedding event amongst the guests.  
The Main Course
For a hot summer wedding, it wouldn’t be ideal to serve red meat or lamb or pork as these tend to be chewier. Hence, chicken is the ideal choice for a wedding in the warm days. Lemon marinate chicken or bbq chicken goes great for the main courses in this case.

Whenever you are hosting a summer wedding remember that the desserts need to be very light and fresh on flavor rather than something rich and chocolatey. Strawberry shortcakes or cheesecakes are an ideal option when it comes to desserts. These are not too heavy and ha e a tremendous fresh taste to it. If you want to try out something completely unique then you can serve snow cones as a dessert as well. It is unique and equally refreshing and your guests are going to love the fun idea.
A wedding is about the binding of two people and their families and friends. It is where your loved one comes together to bless and celebrate your new beginning and summer is the best possible time for the lovers to start their new life as man and wife. Summer weddings are more fun as you can include so many refreshing food and beverages into the menu which the guests will absolutely love. I am sure that these fun food ideas will enhance the feast at your wedding making it memorable forever.

Thank you to Jeremy of Davids BBQ for sharing this guest post. Jeremy is a father of two who is married to his high school sweetheart. He enjoys spending time with his family, staying active and of course cooking! He grew up in his father’s BBQ restaurant that specializes in pulled pork and wedding caterings.

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