July 30, 2015

{Giveaway} Reebok Spartan Race

I have 1 free race giveaway to the random winner who comments below. The winner will receive a code emailed to them, from me, that will work one time for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) Spartan Race in the continental US. Winner will be selected on Monday August 3rd. 
Check out their website with lots of news, events, videos, photos and more here: http://spartanracemedia.com

Plus see where the closest event is to you: http://www.spartanrace.com/spartan-obstacle-racing-events.php

July 24, 2015

Danielsen Homecoming

Welcome Ryan Shedrick (she's a woman, just for reference lol!) a professional photographer based in Jacksonville, NC. She is married to a Marine and they JUST celebrated their 4th year together! She is 100% self taught and loves capturing people's memories and moments! Make sure to check out her website here: www.ryanshedrick.com

"My first session at Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC.... and I couldn't be happier that it was Chad Danielsen's reunion with his family after being deployed! Amanda was referred to me from a fellow photographer in the area and as luck would have it, she was a kindred spirit and an Instagram buddy already! So needless to say, we hit it off! After lots of texting and anxious waiting, it was finally the day! We met at Camp Lejeune early in the afternoon and ... well... waited LOL! That's what a lot of homecomings consist of. Nerves, Excitement, and a whole lot of waiting. And boy was it HOT! After a little running around we settled in the tank ramp and waited. At last we see tanks pulling up and everyone gathers around, pointing and trying to find their loved one. Well much to Amanda's surprise, Chad sneaks up behind us and is squatting there talking to his daughter well before she even noticed! I snapped a photo just in time as she turned around and figured out what was going on! I just love being able to witness and capture these amazing moments for other military wives! I even got to take a few for Amanda's friend who was there to welcome home her boyfriend! Welcome home boys!!!" Thank you Ryan for sharing a little back story and now onto the photos of this hot tamale couple!

Spartan Race on NBC

If you are a fan of this amazing race, be on the look out for their new season to start! They also released a new discount code, TEAM - just sign up 3 friends and you race for free!!! The teammates get $20 off their races as well.