February 16, 2015

{Deployment} Landrie Send-off

Please welcome Alysia of Pleasantly Captured Photography. She is a photographer in Jacksonville, NC that specializes in maternity, newborn and baby photography. You can reach her at (917) 583-1008 and see her website here: http://pleasantlycaptured.com/ Thank you Al for sharing this touch story and the emotional slideshow!

"I have to admit when I was first contacted about a send off, I was hesitant. I was hesitant because I personally know how it is to send off a loved one. IT SUCKS! All I could think of was the ugly teary and snotty crying faces I made and wondered how would I be able to approach this. How could I keep a stiff lip while watching this happen before me? I knew this would be a challenge for myself, but I told myself I had to tackle it. I talked to Kearo on the phone and knew that we were a right fit, not to mention we have mutual friends... small world, huh?!

It was a dark and cold morning on Camp Lejeune, but when I met Kearo she was a bubbly as ever! You never would have thought that she was about to send her loved one off. Her husband gathered his gear to drop it off and then we high tailed it inside to warm up. It was loud as families and fellow Marines chatted, but we managed to talk and get to know each other. They were such a loving and fun couple; it really warmed my heart to see them so happy despite what was to come. We then stole away for a few moments so we could get some nice black and whites. I told them to act naturally and snuggle to stay warm or just have small talk. They instantly became their goofy selves and joked around and laughed. My kind of people :)

We then got word that the send off would be pushed back a little longer so we picked up some coffee and doughnuts to pass some time. Once we arrived back at the Unit building we took a stroll to go get warm in the beautiful morning light. The glow and haze it produced was absolutely gorgeous and made a beautiful portrait. After a little more waiting, the busses arrived and you could feel this buzz amongst everyone. Marines who seemed anxious to get their deployment underway and families who wanted to hurry up and send their loved ones off so they can return as soon as possible. I remember looking over to a family on my right and seeing a man wrestle with his children and they all giggling hysterically; everyone got a good laugh out of it.

Marines started to line up in front of the busses and we knew it was time for the final hugs and kisses. As hard as the situation was, there were lots of laughs and smiles and I am truly honored that I was chosen to capture Kearo’s story." 

Instead of images Al has shared their slideshow video which you can find here: http://youtu.be/QvJIDVCfRUc or watch here:

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