September 22, 2014

{Homecoming} Emily & Michael

I'm BAAAAACK and trying to catch up with emails and + blog posts!! Today Missy Rich Photography is also back with a sunny Hawaiian homecoming and if you missed her other homecoming make sure you check that one out too! Missy Rich Photography is based in Oahu, Hawaii. Missy is an Air Fore wife who met her husband in High School 10 years ago and have been together ever since. High school is also where her passion for photography started, but she didn't start her photography business until a few years ago. Before she PCSed to Hawaii she found the Welcome Them Home website and wanted to give back in a special way so she signed up to become a Welcome Them Home photographer.

Missy shares "This was one of the sweetest homecomings I have had the chance to be apart of! Emily was counting down the days until Michael returned from his first 6 month deployment. They unfortunately had to spend most of their first year of marriage apart. But now that Michael is home, they will be enjoying their 2nd year of marriage and having fun exploring the island of Oahu!" Mahalo Missy for sharing!

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