August 15, 2014

{Homecoming} Jessica & Matt

Brittney Livingston Photography is back with a homecoming from the same day as Ashley and Brian. If you missed the other homecoming click here
"Matt was returning from his second deployment with VMFA(AW)-224 and Jessica was beaming with excitement. Matt has been in the squadron about three and a half years and done two 7-month deployments. The first time they hopped between Japan, Guam, and Thailand. This time he was mostly in Japan, but went to the Philippines and Korea too. It doesn't sound so bad, but between the two deployments and going away to a school in between, he had been away for a total of 17 months out of the 30 months that they have been married! Jessica is definitely happy to have him home, and looking forward to their next tour, which is three years, non-deployable!" Thank you Brittney for sharing these homecomings and thank you to Matt for your service.

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