July 30, 2014

{Homecoming} Ashley & Will

Jessica Roberts Photography, a military wife who is from South Carolina, has shared soooooooo many great military client photos and she's back with another one!! If you missed her previous post click here:{Family Session} Ruppel Family

Jessica shares, "Will was gone for majority of Ashley's pregnancy. She was hoping so much that he could be home for the birth of their first child, but unfortunately their son came three days before Will's return. I had the absolute honor of photographing Will meeting his three day old son. There was SO much love! This homecoming was at MCAS Beaufort Air Station."

Thank you Jessica for sharing all these wonderful memories!

July 14, 2014

{Family Session} Ruppel Family

Welcome back Jessica Roberts Photography! Jessica is a military wife who is from South Carolina. If you missed her previous post click here: {Backwards Engagement} Red Hot Love.

The Ruppel family has a lot of love to go around! You can really see the love through Jessica's photos that she shared. Here is their story from Jessica:"William is stationed at Naval Hospital Beaufort, South Carolina. Together the two have four biological children. They are both incredibly active in their church, Praise Assembly. Throughout the years, they have adopted FIVE children from Africa. This session featured their three new family members, three Ethiopian children who are also deaf. The family has learned sign language, and the other children have taken great interest in being as helpful as they can. Watching this family and how much they genuinely loved each other was so uplifting. This modern day blended family is such a blessing!"

July 9, 2014

{Homecoming} Savannah Surprise

Diane Dodd Photography is back with a special homecoming! If you missed her beautiful Savannah wedding click here: {Real Wedding} Jordan & Rob. Well this is a first for homecomings.....

Diane shares, "Cynthia has been counting down the days until her husband’s homecoming from a very long deployment. She decided to keep the homecoming date a secret from her son Fabian so that his dad, SSG Ortiz, would come home and surprise Fabian at his school. 395 days is a looooooong time for a boy to be without his father! But how precious to see them reunited. Welcome home SSG Ortiz!" Oh my gosh can you imagine being there for this reunion!? I know I would be in tears. Thank you Diane for sharing these photos, I'm sure you were honored to be part of this joyous event.

July 7, 2014

{Backwards Engagement} Red Hot Love

Jessica Roberts Photography is a military wife who is from South Carolina. She is available for weddings, portrait, and military photography!

Jessica, the photographer, has shared about Jessica and her husband's backwards engagement session, "Jessica and her husband have been married for a while now, but never got to really go through the excitement of an engagement and plan a big day due to his unpredictable military schedule that had him gone for large amounts of time on short notice. Jessica put her dreams of a big wedding on hold and had a quick courthouse ceremony. She never settled on the courthouse wedding being her forever wedding, and has slowly planned the engagement and the wedding she has wanted. This is what I like to call their backwards engagement session! We pretended this was the real deal, we talked about wedding plans, and the couple enjoyed their time in the spotlight showcasing their love. They have since had a beautiful wedding in their hometown." I just love the story behind the photos it makes it so much more special and that RED dress! Thank you Jessicas for sharing :)

July 1, 2014

My Service Pride10% coupon code!

Myservicepride.com is offering all my followers a unique 10% coupon code that is good through the end of August!! Type in amilitarystory at your checkout where it says "Gift certificate or promo code" and you're discount should automatically subtract from your cart amount. You must purchase over $35 worth of items in order for the code to activate.

I just purchased two mugs for my father-in-law and mother-in-law that were designed with their custom design option. They are very proud of their son, my husband, who served in the U.S. Army so this was the perfect gift for them!! The custom design tool was simple to use and the logos turned out great as you can see here:

There are so many great products on their website, it took me awhile to decide what I should get!You can even get car stickers with your service branch and rank with Proud Army Son or Proud Army Mom, just choose from the drop down menu  to select the family relationship! Get one for all your family members! Enjoy shopping!
MyServicePride.com is a veteran-founded company committed not only to providing high quality, custom products that reflect each service member’s personal military experience, but also to conduct our business in a way that demonstrates our understanding of the honor it is to handle these images. Each one represents a military life dedicated to freedom, protection, and sacrifice. We take that very seriously and do our best everyday to offer products and service that goes above expectations. Just like those who serve.