June 6, 2014

Brides Across America

It's that time of year again!!! Brides Across America are giving away wedding dresses!
12,000 Wedding gowns were donated to deserving military brides last year!
Over 6o bridal salons came united in 2013 in over 40 states participated in the events.  

In 2008. Heidi Janson founded Brides Across America.  She was inspired to do something special to express gratitude for the dedicated men and women of the United Sates Armed Forces.   

Brides Across America is a national charitable organization uniting military brides and bridal salons across the country for a common purpose by supporting our troops and their families. It is Brides Across America’s mission to turn military brides’ fairy tale wedding day into a reality. The organization teams up with bridal boutiques all across the country in order to help military brides find their dream gowns. Brides Across America wants to help make their dreams come true by giving a military bride a free designer gown during Brides Across America’s Nationwide Gown Giveaway.  

There isn't much more time before the nationwide giveaway takes place. Spaces are filling up but there is still many gowns to give away. Register online at www.bridesacrossamerica.com and follow online to see which states are giving dresses away and for the most updated information on their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/bridesacrossamerica Also see which states are participating in an event near you here: http://www.bridesacrossamerica.com/events-1.html
and see if you qualify here: http://www.bridesacrossamerica.com/qualify.html


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