April 4, 2014

{Deployment} Weaver Family

Ying and Yang, right? Deployments and saying good-bye are part of being in the military and they're the flip side of the coin. So as much as I love happy homecomings I too like to share "see you later" deployments.

"Hello! My name is Nataly and I am the owner of MFD Photography (MemoriesForDave Photography). I am originally a Southern California family and wedding photographer but recently moved over to the east coast. I travel all of over the country for weddings and currently photograph families and couples in North & South Carolina. I had the pleasure of photographing the Weaver family on Valentines day of this year as they prepared to say "See you later". Here is a little about them: 

Photographing this family is one of my favorite things to do, they are such an amazingly loving and adorable family… however, that wasn’t so much the case this day. Don’t get me wrong, I loved capturing these moments, but photographing a deployment is rough man! Especially when you can relate to those very feelings of having to watch your husband leave on one of those horrible white buses. It’s hard to focus your lens when your teary eyed!

It was such a crazy week for the Weaver family. We had a family session 6 days before Chris deployed and that very night Sam and Chris found out they were expecting baby #2! So, we obviously had to get together again for a quick announcement shoot! Chris deployed later that week on Valentines day (seriously, the irony). My heart ached for Sam and her baby boy, Davis, on this day but I was so happy to be able to capture some last minute laughs, moments full of joy, hugs and kisses!

I am already counting down the days to be able to photograph their homecoming (as I’m sure Sam is too!) later this year."

Thank you Nataly for sharing these photos and I'm sure everyone is excited for the homecoming!!

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