January 24, 2014

{Real Wedding} Melissa & Robert

I am so happy to be able to share another special wedding from Savannah Weddings For Warriors which is an event that provides free wedding ceremonies and vow renewals to active US Military personnel. They also have a Weddings for Warriars Project Facebook Group. Thank you Diane L. Dodd for sharing these wonderful photos and also participating in this charitable event! If you missed her other Savannah Weddings For Warriors click here. 

Sometimes third times a charm and after 5 years of being married Melissa and Robert were able to have their "perfect" wedding! From Melissa, "We met on March 14th 2009 over the internet, and then we met face to face on March 18th 2009. We dated for about 5 months, then on July 7th 2009 Rob proposed to me. He first took me to our favorite restaurant Jalapenos in savannah, then we headed to Tybee Island where we walked down the beach, as we stopped to listen to the waves my husband says to me...”Could you please hold this while I tie my shoe?” As I turned around to see what he was talking about, I looked down and he was holding a box and in the box was my beautiful ring!!! He asked me to marry him!! And all I could say was “you know the answer!" So he then asked me again, and of course I said "yes". We got married on Sept. 6th, 2009 and moved onto Fort Stewart.  

In October he went to school then came home in Nov. We had our daughter Isabelle on Nov. 19th, 2009 and 2 weeks later he deployed to Iraq for a year. While he was deployed one night I was watching the news and I heard of the Weddings for Warriors project and how they give back to the military for all their services and everything they do. So I got in contact with Mrs. Becky Byous and somehow she fit me and my husband in at the last minute. We were to be married on Tybee Island.  When Rob came home from Iraq, he had to take classes in the afternoon so I had to come up with some kind of "lie" on how to get him to Tybee Island and surprise him with the wedding, but everything I said didn’t work. So I had to tell him the truth, that we were getting married again and had to get to Tybee asap!! But we ended up being very late, by the time we got there; we had to have our wedding in the middle of everyone’s reception.  

After all this time I heard on the news recently that Weddings for Warriors were having another event coming up in 2014 I got in contact with everyone again and filled out the application and when I received the email that we were picked once again, I was in shock so I jumped at the chance. We were not late to this one as you can tell. I am very blessed and very happy to be a part of the Weddings for Warriors event. It was an amazing experience that neither Rob nor I will ever forget. Thank you to everyone at Weddings for Warriors. I was very blessed to have an amazing photographer on this day Jan.15, 2014 that did a wonderful job. Thank you Mrs. Diane for everything!!" 

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