January 27, 2014

{Homecoming} Sgt.Vetter

Aloha from Missy Rich Photography who is based in Oahu, Hawaii. Missy is an Air Fore wife who met her husband in High School 10 years ago and have been together ever since. High school is also where her passion for photography started, but she didn't start her photography business until a few years ago. Before she PCSed to Hawaii she found the Welcome Them Home website and wanted to give back in a special way so she signed up to become a Welcome Them Home photographer.

From Missy, "I had the privilege of capturing a Marine homecoming this past December on MCBH Hawaii. Alie and her two daughters (4 and 1.5) welcomed home Sgt. Vetter from an 8 month deployment. Alie found me through Facebook a few weeks before her husband was coming home, so the morning of the homecoming was the first time I met her and her family. This particular homecoming was super fast paced. The buses were supposed to arrive on base between 8-9am on December 8, 2013, but the buses ended up arriving at 7:30am. We were all rushing to get over there and thankfully made it with a few minutes to spare. As we were waiting for all of the buses to pull up Alie was looking one way towards the first line of buses and I was snapping away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy run off one of the buses behind us. At this point I had never met Alie's husband before, but for some reason I had a super gut feeling that this was Alie's husband running off the bus. And I was right! As Alie looked in the opposite direction Sgt Vetter snuck up behind her to surprise her. He got her good, she was so surprised, it was super cute!" Thank you Missy for sharing this homecoming, it makes me miss Hawaii so much since I was there in 1999/2000 and haven't been back since. Love the palm tress!

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