December 4, 2013

{Real Wedding} Amanda & Chris

Lisa Adams, of Lisa Marie Imagery has a beautiful military wedding to share today, but first let's learn more about Lisa and her story. "My husband and I are high school sweethearts, we've been together since I was 16, he 17. He joined the Marine Corp in 1996, we were married in 1999. We have two boys, Ashton (9), and Gavin (7), and a border collie named Callie. We live outside Seattle, WA. My husband has a full time job as a technical engineer, but is also my second shooter and videographer for weddings and events. For us, photographing a wedding, though a lot of hard work, is kind of like a date; we get to dress up and celebrate with others at such a special time in their lives and always leave the end of night smiling (and worn out). Photographing weddings is such a blessing and usually has us sentimental about our own wedding and love for one another. Oh and one or both of us almost always shed a tear at some point during the vows or toasts. We become emotionally invested in our clients lives and love the friendships we gain from being their photographers."

And now for Amanda & Chris' story!!
"Chris and I met in high school, I was a freshmen and Chris was a junior but we shared a spanish class and sat next to each other. We began talking and Chris started attending my volleyball games, a short month went by and we started hanging out, by October 21, 2007 we started dating. Chris and I continued to date through high school and then Chris graduated and joined the Marine Corp, while I finished my last two years of high school. During my senior year of high school Chris proposed to me out at Kayak Point Beach, and of course I said yes! Chris went back to his duty station shortly after and I had to move to Eastern Washington to attend a University there. Two years later and many trips traveling back and forth to see each other, as well as two previous wedding dates, that were cancelled due to Chris' military obligations, we finally got a date approved and could get married. Chris flew in two days before the wedding and had to leave two days after, so our schedule has returned to many trips traveling back and forth and although, Chris lives on the other half of the country, and I complete my goal of receiving a Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene in Washington we consider ourselves blessed to finally be husband and wife." Thank you Lisa and Amanda for sharing! I just love love love being able to share all these great real stories on my blog. Real LOVE is so strong even distance and deployments can't bend it <3 And now for their beautiful pink wedding photos!!


  1. Always very proud of our daughter-in-law, Lisa Adams' talent as a photographer and it's always a pleasure to read her blog posts. They just keep getting better! Thank you for recognizing her abilities and sharing her work.

    1. awwww so sweet! Her photography is beautiful and she captured all the emotions and details perfectly!