December 11, 2013

{Charity} Dropcam

From the Dropcam site "The holidays are always a joyous time of year to be spent celebrating with friends and family. However, it’s important to remember the brave men and women serving in our nation’s military, many of whom are not able to be home with their families during the holidays. Fortunately, Dropcam’s innovative Wi-Fi video monitoring cameras can help bring military families a little closer together around the holidays.

Dropcam’s simple live streaming abilities allow soldiers and their families to experience the joy of the holiday season together, even when they’re miles apart.  Military members can tune in and watch the excitement on their children’s faces as they tear open presents on Christmas morning.  Dropcam’s Two-Way Talk feature allows our soldiers to speak directly to their families as they watch the action unfold online right before their eyes. If schedules don’t permit our service members to tune into the live stream, 24-hour Cloud Recording makes it possible for them to relive the moments whenever it’s convenient for them. Dropcams can even be purchased by military members and their families using a special discount at the Apple Store.

In honor of our troops serving overseas this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite home videos featuring military families celebrating the holidays together.  While many of our brave men and women of the military can’t make the trip home for the holidays, these lucky few were able to surprise their families in style." Get the tissues out and view them here:

Dropcam can even be purchased by military members and their families using a special discount of 10% off at the Apple Store.

{side note: If you are obsessed with adorable animals you should also watch this Dropcam webcam that is set up in a zoo of baby cheetahs! Click on this link, then look for the 24 hour button and click there, then click on the wider orange sections where the babies are active. }

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