November 6, 2013

{Engagement} Amber & Will

Rachel Smith Photography week continues with a fabulous engagement session. If you missed her previous post click here. This engagement session had three different wardrobe changes and I think the blue dress and red hot shoes are my favorite! What about you, what is your favorite? 

Amber has shared their story, "Will and I met in high school over spring break where we both worked as lifeguards at the local water park; I being one of his trainers. I'd never met a guy my age that was more mature, responsible, kind or genuine than he was. We were pretty much instantaneous friends, but it was the random act of kindness he showed me later that made him unforgettable from that moment on. 

As my first summer living on my own after high school, it was certainly not without it's obstacles and trying moments; the main one being my '98 Dodge Avenger that loved to give me trouble at the worst possible times. After a long shift at work, I go to leave only to find that my engine wouldn't even turn over. Of all the other things I was dealing with at that point, this just sent me over the edge and I broke down into tears. A mutual friend of ours, Tyler, phoned the only reliable person he could think of to help as everyone else with functioning vehicles was already long gone - you guessed it, it was Will. This man not only went out of his way to pick my stranded self up, but he did so while with his high school sweetheart as they were out on a date. I found this out much later, which in retrospect made sense as to why she seemed so unhappy at the time and I felt absolutely horrible; but I never forgot that feeling of relief or what he did for me out of the kindness of his heart. 

Flash forward a few years to his a-school in Pensacola, and our whirlwind romance begins. I'd messaged him to catch up and see how he was enjoying the military life, and what started as simple friendly conversation before long became this gigantic spark. We were talking, texting and Skyping all the time and soon I found myself wondering what this had become. I had such strong feelings, but I refused to be the one to jump the gun and drop the "L" bomb first even though I knew I loved him deeply. Apparently he was experiencing the same thing though, because on September 10th he asked me what we were. Through fear and joy I told him exactly how I felt, and he then told me that he loved me and accordingly made us "offical". There are few moments in my life that I look back on more fondly than that one. At the time I was living in Lake Charles, Louisiana going through EMT school but I wanted nothing more than to jump across the miles and hug and kiss him until his face turned blue. I got my chance not long after though, because I got to be his date to his first Marine Corps Ball. 

I hated leaving him once that small trip was over, but I knew that we were stronger than any length of distance or time. After many more tearful see-you-laters, FaceTime dates and phone calls, I finished school and drove strait up to Jacksonville, NC to be with him where we are now. The proposal came shortly after our first anniversary, he'd spent all morning cleaning the house and woke me up only to blindfold me and walk me into our living room. The blindfold was removed as I saw a painting that hung on the wall showing one of my favorite quotes "Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.". I turned around to face him where he was already on one knee, and he pointed to the wall to his left where a dream catcher hung; but not just any dream catcher. This dream catcher in particular was my favorite of my collection that had fallen off our wall a few months prior and broken to pieces. He told me he would fix it, and fix it he did. From each web hung words instead of feathers that said "Will you marry me?" and from the center web hung my dream engagement ring from a small anchor charm. I'm sure we of course know my answer, and now we are counting down the days until our wedding next October. 

He's my whole heart and my best friend, and I've never been happier than I've been with him over the last two years. I can only imagine how the rest of our lives together will be, and I only look forward to finding out!"  SWOOOOOOOOOON! Thank you Amber and Rachel for sharing!!


  1. I LOVE the fact that you have a Claddagh ring! My ring means just as much to me as my engagement ring! I wear mine on the same hand as my engagement ring...!!!!! :)

    1. I absolutely LOVE my claddagh ring!!! I only wear mine on my right hand but I always keep it turned inward to show that my heart is forever taken. Aside from my engagement ring, it is my favorite piece of jewelry as well (: