October 25, 2013

Tips for a Long Distance Relationship

Sharon from Genesis Diamonds shares some tips on maintaining a long distance relationship with your loved one. Visit to check out Military Discounts!
Relationships are not easy – period. Approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce, and if one of two couples are willing to throw in the towel following marriage, you would suspect that the percentage of unmarried couples in long distance relationships would find it much easier to part if things became too difficult. But let’s not harp on the negative, let’s suggest a few methods of how we can make a long distance relationship work.  

Modern Communications
Never has it been easier to be in a long distance relationship, at least as it pertains to keeping in contact with your partner. Modern communications are abundant, comprehensive, and cheap. The years of having to book an international call through an operator are well and truly over. Programs such as Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp make keeping in contact instant, fun, and virtually free. And if they fail there is always the good old landline or smartphone.

Sharing is Caring
Sharing the burden of anything is always a good idea, and let’s face it, travel is a pain in the you know what. Undoubtedly you will visit your partner from time to time and this should not be one-way traffic. Consequently, when it comes to visiting your better half, it is best to share the travel burden and visit each other’s residence alternately and for not one of you to consistently visit the other without reciprocating as this can cause resentment; and this is the last thing any relationship needs - especially a long distance relationship.
When the Going Gets Tough
You both must enter this relationship with your eyes wide open, aware of the strains and limitations that a long distance relationship will place on the two of you. You should also be totally honest not only with your partner but also with yourself about your own expectations from the relationship – what you will and will not be able to handle. Go as far as writing these things down so that you have an objective list of expectations or standards to adhere to. A long distance relationship will not be easy but if your personality is not suited to one, it is best to not even start, but if it is, you must realize going in, that just like in any other relationship there will be difficult periods but you should also realize that it won’t be forever. Remember, when the going gets tough…

Deliver the Letter, the Sooner the Better
The pace of life is so quick that we have almost forgotten about such archaic things as the postal service; however, try to remember the feeling the last time you receive an unexpected package or a hand written letter. It takes time, it takes a bit of thought, and it doesn’t bear instant results, but sometimes the best things in life take time.

A Serial Relationship
Do things together if possible. As already discussed, the cost of modern communications is almost zip, so perhaps watch a loved TV series together long distance with your webcams or tablets turned on. It may not be the same as snuggling up together and doing it but it’s better than nothing. Absence really can make the heart grow fonder but it needs to be handled properly. It takes two special people to make a long distance relationship work. It requires compromise, considering the feelings of your partner, always working at it, and common sense, but then again, which relationship doesn’t?

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