October 7, 2013

{Real Wedding} Amanda & Luther

Rana of Roohi Photography is based out of St. Pete, Florida. She describes why she does what she does, "I love the feeling of knowing I'm capturing moments that will never be forgotten. I love LOVE... I love photography as much as I love LOVE. And in case you didn't know... roohi is my mom's maiden name and it's meaning comes from the word : SOUL. So that's what my photography is... me photographing you.. your soul... who you are.. who you want to be... Just be you!" Thank you Rana for sharing this beautiful wedding, such a pretty couple too! geesh!! Plus they had a boat send off, pretty fancy.

Now for Amanda & Luther's story from Amanda, "Luther is the first of both of our immediate families to join. Luther and I met in high school. We were friends from sophomore year until we began dating half way through our senior year. We went to senior prom together, of course. After graduation we split ways. During my senior year in college we began talking again. He was going to MK a-school in Yorktown, Virginia and I was finishing my last year at the University of Florida in Gainesville. During his final two weeks he received his picks of billets and he asked me if I could live anywhere in the US where would it be. I said California or Tennessee. A few days later he called me to let me know he accepted his billet in San Diego, CA on a 378. After he graduated a-school we spent about a week together and decided we were going to try the whole long distance relationship. I flew from Tampa to San Diego 3 times in the matter of 4 months (December - March) before he left on his first patrol. He was gone from April to the end of June (no communication except email and maybe 2 phone calls from a Central American pay phone). I flew out before he got back in June so I could meet him on the pier when he got off the boat. On that day we decided if we could get through those 7 months apart we can get through anything. I moved to San Diego a couple weeks later.

Struggles: The biggest struggle I would have to say of having a spouse in the military is the little things they miss while they're gone that you wish you could share with them. It's the things like when you say "man, I wish my husband was here to see this or do this with me." The only way of sharing it with them is sending an email but even that isn't enough and maybe an occasional Skype date when they're in port. 

The second biggest struggle I would have to say is going months without hearing their voice, seeing them, or being able to touch them. Hearing their voice on the phone is one thing, a feeling of comfort, but seeing them on Skype is another and it definitely makes your whole week.

Another struggle would have to be making "big" decisions. We don't make any decisions without consulting each other first so sometimes it can take days or even a week to make a final decision on something we need to do because he's busy underway and didn't have time to check his email. It always works out for the best though and neither one of us feels left out or that our opinion is unimportant because a decision was made without the other." Thank you Amanda for sharing your story, I'm sure our readers can relate to the struggles and challenges you have endured. Keep the love strong <3
Vendors: Photography: Roohi Photography // Catering: Delectables Catering // Reception/Ceremony: Mahaffey Theater // Flowers: Delma’s, The Flower Booth // Cake: Publix Catering // DJ: Rob Snyder
Hair: Salon Fusion // Makeup: Faces by Carly

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  1. Congrats! Been married to my Coastie for 17 years - it have been an amazing adventure.