October 11, 2013

{Last Flight} LtCol Wiegel

Today is a first for A Military Story and it was also the first Last Flight event for Amanda to take photos of. Amanda Nicole Miller - Photographer, previously called Fierce Photography, is a former Sergeant in Marine Corps and spouse to an active duty Marine. Amanda and her husband are located in Port Royal, SC. If you missed her other post of the promotion of Lieutenant Colonel Roberts click here

Amanda describes, "This was a first for me. Not only had I never seen a “last flight,” but I didn’t even know they existed. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Amy told me that her husband basically would be going on one final flight: not only with this unit, but most likely for the remainder of his Marine Corps career. I was happy that she wanted me to photograph the event. It’s definitely a bittersweet moment that they will all want to look back on. Fast forward to the day of… I now learn that when LtCol Wiegel comes off his last flight, he will get hosed down. What!? Now THIS is exciting. HaHa. How often do you get to watch a LtCol get hosed down? Well, the answer to this question: if he’s a pilot, roughly once during the course of his career. ::winks:: It was funny to see the anticipation on the Marines’ faces. As for Aidan and Meredith, they were a little worried about Daddy at first. Amy assured them that this is what he wanted, though. Then all was well with the world again." What an exciting event to watch and capture!! Thank you Amanda for sharing this memorable event and really showing the play-by-play.

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