September 18, 2013

{Sponsored Post} Wife and War: The Memoir

Amalie Flynn has shared information regarding her new book WIFE AND WAR: THE MEMOIR - which I believe will capture your hearts! Her book sounds very emotional and I know so many people were affected by 911. My mom's friend's husband was in one of the planes :( Wife And War is her story of witnessing 9/11 and of being a military wife whose husband was deployed to war. Amalie lives in Rhode Island with her husband and their two children.
She is also the author of two blogs: WIFE AND WAR and SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH. The SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH blog is where Amalie post pieces about her experience witnessing 9/11. The WIFE AND WAR blog is where she post poems about being a military wife and about war and what it does. These two blog grew into her book - WIFE AND WAR: THE MEMOIR.

Amalie's writing has appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES, TIME, and THE HUFFINGTON POST and received mention from THE NEW YORK TIMES MEDIA DECODER and CNN and is read by readers in over 90 countries. But it is so important to her to reach military wives. She explains, "We share such a unique and meaningful experience. And would be honored if you would read WIFE AND WAR: THE MEMOIR." WIFE AND WAR: THE MEMOIR is available for purchase on AMAZON in PAPERBACK and KINDLE, on BARNES & NOBLE, & at BARRINGTON BOOKS
You can find Amalie Flynn on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest 

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