September 20, 2013

{Homecoming} Silva Family

I'm a sucker for happy homecomings and making y'all tear up, but happy tears! Today's homecoming is by Lauren of Sweet Peony Photography. Krystal has shared their story, "Over the past two years Lauren has become a VERY dear friend to me and is currently mentoring me in my own journey toward photography. She specializes in just about everything. For my husband and I she has done maternity, labor and delivery of our daughter, all of the milestones with Emma, our pre deployment family session and now she has been there for our very special homecoming. What I love the most about her is her genuine love for her clients. She invests so much more then time into every session she does and for that all of her "clients" are grateful. She is very highly recommended by several of us Military wives.

About our deployment... My husband Sgt Silva was deployed December 2012 with C Co 2-3 GSAB out of Hunter Army Airfield. They went to Afghanistan where he flew several life saving missions with the Medevac flight company. This is our 2nd deployment but first with our daughter, Emma. This deployment I stayed in Savannah and went to school while taking care of the house and baby. When we finally found out daddy was coming home it was like Christmas!! I made a paper chain to hang in Emma's room and marked days on the calendar for us to put a big FAT black "x" through to mark each day closer. I don't know who was more excited for these activities me or Emma... She was only nine months old when Rob left so she didn't really understand what it meant to hear "daddy is coming home!" But I did and I was SO excited. 
The day finally came and I of course had school. His ceremony was scheduled for 5:35pm and I had class until 4:00pm but thankfully my teacher let me sneak out at 3:30pm to race home get myself ready and race back to base to pick up Emma and get our bootys to the hanger for the ceremony. We got there and met up with Lauren and "patiently" waited. As they announced that the buses had arrived I felt so much anxiety over what the next 20 minutes was going to bring... How would Emma react was what made me the most nervous. After all she has really only seen him through pictures and Skype. As those doors opened all my anxiety came out in tears and as they played the National Anthem I told Emma to put her hand over her heart and she did which just made it worse. My 19 month old baby was holding her hand over her heart, and that made me so proud of her and of the life we live. They finished up the Army Song and the Dog Faced Soldier song and finally the words "you are released" were spoken and all I could hear was Lauren telling me "let him come to you" it took all I had to not run out to my man and get him. After 269 days he was back and we were whole again. Emma was hesitant, which was expected, but as soon as we got home that all went out the window and life was good again." Thank you Lauren for sharing your photos and Krystal for sharing your long awaited homecoming!