September 6, 2013

{Engagement} Jennifer & Shane

I love it when clients submit their photos! Yes, you can email to share your story, not just photographers! So here is Jennifer & Shane's story and photos by Taylor Howard Photography
Jennifer grew up in the military as a Navy brat and after her father retired, ended up in Alabama. Jennifer then moved to Texas in May 2011 to finish school. Even though she spent all her summers growing up in Texas, it was definitely different to live here. Shane grew up in the military as an Air Force brat. He even got to live in Japan for a bit! During college, Shane realized that he was missing something, so he joined the Army Reserves. He later deployed in 2009. 

"We ended up meeting at my work when I ran him over with a cart (clumsy me!). I then saw him again that day at the local bookstore. So we exchanged numbers and went on about our day.  We texted and talked the entire time he was at leadership school. We decided to meet again when he came home.  He drove home on a Saturday and then we had our first date later that night. That was August of 2011…Fast forward to November 3, 2012. I had to change my work schedule for the upcoming school semester. Shane told me to pack a bag for the weekend and to make sure I had warm clothes packed. I was wondering if this was “it”. We had gone shopping a few weeks before for a ring and to decide on what I liked. Off we went to a private cabin on the lake! We went out to eat on Saturday night and I kept telling him I needed to get back to the cabin to watch the Alabama-LSU game. When we got back to the cabin, he insisted we go out on the back porch and enjoy the quiet. He kept talking about random things, while I was itching to get back inside. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in the moonlight! Now we are waiting on November of 2013 and the Alabama-LSU game to get married! Our photos were taken in Little Rock, Arkansas."  

Thank you Jennifer for sharing these fun photos and best of luck planning your wedding, may it be a wonderful event filled with love!

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