August 19, 2013

Syracuse University "open practice" at Fort Drum Watertown, New York

gavin smith syracuse footba.JPG
"I wanted to send a thank you to the Syracuse University football team for allowing the kids in attendance at the "open practice" at Fort Drum in Watertown, New York (on Wednesday) to practice alongside some of the players. 

The picture (above) is my son, Gavin. His dad has been deployed to Afghanistan since January. It's been over seven months since Gavin has been able to throw around a football with dad, and we still have another couple months before we're able to welcome him home from this deployment. "Guy time" doesn't happen often around Fort Drum this year, as we have two brigades deployed and many of us don't have any family in the area to fill in the male roles when dads are gone. 

Tonight I saw a smile on my son's face that I haven't seen in a while. He was among "men" catching up on so much that he has missed out on since January. 

Tonight's practice was something he won't soon forget. 

Thank you to the players and coaches that were so welcoming." from Kara Smith 

Click on the title above to read the full article. Such a nice story!!

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