August 14, 2013

Busby Homecoming

Nicole, my friend and owner of my old biz in Savannah, Simply Savannah Events, has shared a photographer whom she has become very close with. Nicole explains, "Krystal Silva is a new photographer in the Savannah, GA area specializing in family portraits, children portraits and being a military wife herself she loves photographing homecomings. She is a supportive military wife and friend to other military wives in the Savannah area. Going through my first deployment with my fiance has been difficult and I have had a lot of ups and downs but Krystal has been an incredible shoulder to lean on during these times and always has great advice for how to "put your big girl panties on" and be the man of the house while our men are gone." 
From Candice (the wife): "Daniel was originally supposed to leave Dec 16 but was fortunately allowed to stay until after the birth of his first child, a little baby boy!! Daniel left HAAF at 4am on Jan 10th when little Logan was just barely 3weeks old. Then while deployed we got some really great news!!! While overseas he was promoted and moved to a different company and this new company was scheduled to come home earlier then he thought so he got to come home just six months after leaving!" 
Thank you Nicole & Krystal for sharing these photos and congrats to Candice and Daniel for being together again! 


  1. So beautiful! She got some GREAT shots!

  2. Reunions always makes me cry. The pictures are great. seems that the baby is excited to see the dad.