August 16, 2013

{Guest Post} 5 Helpful Tips when booking your Homecoming Photographer

Kelly Cortes, Owner and Lead Photographer of Creative Imaginations Photography in Ft. Myers, Florida is back with some more helpful photography tips:

(1)  Have your photographer arrive about 30 minutes prior to the military arrival – this will ensure plenty a pre-arrival excitement photos without so much downtime in-between. *The only exception to this is if the Marines are doing a mobile armory!

(2)  You may be an introvert but you hired that photographer for a reason, so get your money’s worth – point, yell, jump up and down and wipe away those tears, they make for some great shots. Pre-plan out any photos that you would really like and discuss with your photographer.

(3)  Keep your photographer up-to-date. If you don’t know we know, then we don’t know you know. So tell us, email us, text us or send it on a little birdy. Sharing the most up to date info helps us plan exactly what time to be there.

(4)  Don’t worry if your hair isn’t perfect or your outfits wasn’t want you wanted.. He/she’s HOME and we’re there to capture those memories. Be yourself, grab him, kiss him/her, do whatever you want, its a judgement free zone because we’ve all been there!

(5)  Don’t expect all perfect smiles. Homecomings are stressful for everyone and it’s not the time for a photoshoot. We want to capture candid and real emotions and moments. Not all perfect smiles and perfectly posed pictures.

(6)  Schedule a post homecoming mini session after everything has calmed down and everyone has readjusted for those wonderful, perfectly planned photos.

(7)  ……and breathe!!

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