July 22, 2013

{Engagement} Dawn & Matt

Asea Tremp Photography of Orange County, California area is a portrait and event photographer specializing in couples, maternity, kids, families, special events. She is a proud volunteer photographer with Welcome Them Home! If you missed the other post from Asea click here: Huff family homecoming

Asea has an amazing surprise proposal to share. Asea describes, "A friend of Matt's contacted me a few weeks ago, looking for someone to capture a very special surprise engagement. Matt was planning to surprise his girlfriend with a ring during an upcoming visit to California. I was instantly excited to be a part of his master plan and offered to donate this very special session as a Welcome Them Home volunteer. Although not a homecoming, it was still a really special event for a Marine who has served our country and I couldn't think of a more deserving couple!

On a very gloomy Wednesday afternoon, I met a friend of Matt's on the San Clemente pier. He walked me through the plan, where they would be and what other exciting surprises were planned. Then we each staked out our spots, he hid inside the bar while I pretended to photograph surfers in the water. I was just DYING with excitement while I waited for them to arrive, I felt so sneaky!! Finally I got the text from the lookout that they were on their way... green shirt and blue jacket headed your way! As they passed by me, I turned and followed them very casually down the pier, snapping away. They were just adorable, walking down the pier hand in hand, so in love. When Matt finally settled on a good spot, they stopped and chatted, hugged, and just soaked in the beautiful view. And then, the big moment, Matt got down on one knee and popped the question. She said yes!! Out came balloons, flowers, and good friends to celebrate with them, all of which had also been hiding out waiting for their queue. There were hugs all around, and lots of excitement. 

A few days later, I met up with Matt and Dawn again, this time at Camp Pendleton, for a more formal engagement session before Dawn had to head back home to the midwest. We drove around the base and hopped out wherever inspiration struck, ending the day with a beautiful sunset shot. Not even a pesky marine layer could put a damper on their day!"  Oh Man!! Thank you Asea for sharing this adorable special moment. Are you ready for the photos to go along with the story?!

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