July 1, 2013

{Engagement} Christina & Phillip

Sara Long Photography is one of the newest vendor to join A Military Story so you will see a few more blog posts about her plus you can click on the VENDORS link to find out more. Sara is based out of Central Ohio and her photographs will speak for themselves. From Christina & Phillip, "Sara has been a friend to us for nearly 10 years, we all grew up together, laughed together and embraced the Lord's love. She's spectacular in every way. Her efficiency and devotion to bringing out the beauty in every person and event is what truly makes her amazing!"

Now onto Christina & Phillip's love story:
Meeting in 6th grade, Phillip and Christina had no idea that they would marry each other in a matter of 11 years. Through many trials of having divorced parents and moving around the state of Ohio, their friendship has always remained strong. They had dated briefly in high school, bike riding, rollerblading, and meeting at the local library to talk about their favorite music, read magazines, talk about hobbies, and of course- never work on homework. Until Phillip moved to Michigan, they broke up- However, their close friendship never changed.

Upon graduation from high school in 2009, Phillip joined the US Marine Corps (infantry) while Christina went to college to major in Communications. She wrote to him weekly - finally telling him that she loved him. When he came back from boot camp in November, their love reignited and gave their relationship another chance. That December, he gave her a tear drop necklace and a New Year's Eve kiss that would change everything.

As days turned into weeks, weeks into years, their love continued to grow until neither one of them could see their life without the other. They would Skype endlessly, and lazily talk about their future plans together. Knowing Phillip would be soon leaving for his second tour to Afghanistan, they wed on December 30, 2011, surrounded by immediate family. Upon his leaving, Christina went back to school and began planning a renewal of vows to celebrate their marriage with all their friends and family upon Phillip's safe return.

In September, Christina met Phillip in California when he returned from his deployment, finally realizing that their dream of living together as husband and wife could finally come true. Finally, the day everyone had been waiting for: January 5, 2013. Over 115 guests watched the newlyweds, still encased in the same joy and love they had felt since they were teenagers, say their vows. Look for their wedding photos on the blog next week! Thank you Sara for sharing these photos they are such an adorable couple!

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