July 15, 2013

{Engagement} Brianna & Zachary

Ohhhhhh to be young and in love!!! sigh! Sara Long Photography is back with another adorable young couple. If you missed her engagement and wedding posts click here and here

Brianna moved to New Mexico for her senior year of high school to live with her dad for a year. She was introduced to Zach through a friend she met in English class. After 2 weeks Brianna and Zach started dating and then 2 weeks later he left for the first time! Zachary is in the marine corps and they have waited a while to get married. They agreed to see each other two times a year but they have pretty much built their relationship over the long distance. Sometimes a deployment or training gets in the way but they make it work. Brianna still has two years of school left after they marry and knows it's important for her to get her education. Even if they are young and she is still in school they are so excited to be husband + wife and be together for the long haul! Thank you Sara for sharing this fun photo session.

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  1. This one is so cute. You can really feel the love emitting from these photos!