July 31, 2013

{Guest Post} Establishing a Photographer Relationship

Kelly of Creative Imaginations Photography has shared a great informational post about Your Engagement thru Life. Having a connection or bond with your photographer is very important since they will be with you all day of your wedding, plus maybe even throughout your lives together to capture other life events. From experience, I Layla, have been at weddings where the photographer made my friend, the bride, cry because they were bossy, mean, and not friendly! Or they didn't have a great rapport with large group photos and made everyone stressed out. You don't want that to happen, so make sure you think about this relationship and if you really like the photographer before you sign any contracts! 

When you find the right one you just know, this is the one person who is perfect, who fits your every need and … who will be your photographer for all of time. Ok, ok, we know, it generally doesn't work like that but wouldn't that be fun.  Finding the one photographer who could capture all your memories from your Engagement, Wedding, Holidays, babies and everything in-between. While we know life gets in the way, establishing a Photographer-Client relationship can decrease uncertainty about photography, decrease overall costs and create better images.

First, I encourage all of my Brides and potential clients to ALWAYS have an engagement session done by the Photographer you would prefer to shoot your wedding. Having the Engagement session done by your chosen wedding photographer allows crucial items to be covered before your wedding date such as:
Posing ideas
Must have’s and Definitely Not’s
Increasing comfort between the Couple and Camera
Learning the Photographer’s style
Addressing any special needs or uncommon requests
Learning about the photographer’s gallery setups, ordering and print pricing

These items are very important, not only for you to establish with your photographer but for the photographer to know ahead of time in order to properly prepare for your wedding day. While your initial consult will cover most of these, there’s nothing like getting out there and creating a dry run of your wedding day.

Now that you have established a working relationship with your photographer it will be so much easier to make life appointments with him/her for your most important moments. Having that established relationship will benefit you in many ways. Here are a few our clients have benefited from:
First to receive email promotions
First dips on exclusive mini sessions
Payment plans for established customers
Added print bonuses for referrals
and first dips at Demo sets

 Hopefully this information has helped!! Thank you Kelly for sharing!

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