June 19, 2013

{Love Session} Brittney & Jack

Suzanne Kroner Photography is located in the Colorado Springs, CO area. She is married to a committed military man and together, they live the military life and have two beautiful children, three fur babies: a Great Dane, a lab and a kitten. Suzanne was contacted by Brittney because of a gift certificate that had been bought for her by a friend months ago but it was lost in a fire where they lost everything - including all their photos!!

Brittney had this idea in mind for a simple - stylized bridal shoot in a field. So Suzanne figured the perfect spot would be at Fox Run Park in Colorado Springs, CO. The wide open spaces along with closed, cramped wooding made for the perfect back drop for a beautiful couple. Here is their fairy tale story:

Jack and Brittney met in 2011. Timing was not right as Brittney was coming out of a bitter divorce with her young daughter Lillian and was not interested in getting into any relationships. However, Jack was persistent and knew what he wanted and so he pursued Brittney. They started spending more and more time together, eventually falling in love. Jack was everything Brittney had ever wanted in a man - a good father figure, compassionate, caring and most importantly he made her feel safe. 

Thanksgiving 2011 Jack was sent on a training assignment leaving Lillian and Brittney behind. Soon after Jack left, life would slowly change for them. Accidentally, Lillian had pulled the TV down on top of her. 911 was called and Lillian jumped up, acting as if nothing was wrong but when Brittney was asked by the EMT if she wanted to take her in just in case, something told her to do it. They sat at the hospital awaiting the CT scans. . . The doctor came in with news that would break any normal person down. "Your daughter is fine from the fall but we found a tumor on her brain." At 2 years old little innocent Lillian was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma stage IV cancer. She underwent surgery almost immediately. Jack, tried to get home but his chain of command wouldn't allow him too because "It wasn't his daughter and they weren't married."

The moment Jack got home, he proposed to Brittney, of course her saying yes however, they put their wedding on hold because Lillian was going to be going through chemo therapy and their attention needed to be on her. Brittney, Jack and Lillian were being transported to Atlanta, GA where they were going to be receiving more cancer treatments but the night before they were to pack and load their moving truck, their entire apartment building went up in flames. They lost everything!! They moved with nothing more then the clothes on their back to GA so that their daughter could receive the best care possible. Eventually the Army brought them to Fort Carson, Colorado where they welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world and have since found out that their little girl is now cancer free. Through all their struggles and triumphs, they made it - never knowing the outcome, but knowing they had each other  These photos represent the love that they have - a fairy tale. They never lost hope - they never let life beat them down and they came out on top! WOW!!! Thank you Suzanne for sharing this amazing story! Brittney & Jack you are the epitome of strength!

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