June 28, 2013

{Homecoming} Brittney & Brian

Kristine Elizabeth Photography a San Fransisco, California area portrait photographer describes her personal style of photography as a "mix of candid and traditional portraiture with a little twist." Her favorite part of being a photographer is "seeing a client’s face light up with excitement when viewing their images for the first time."

Lots and lots of smiles and kisses for this Air Force R&R Homecoming at the San Francisco Airport! Brittney and Brian have been dating for a little over a year and a half. They have known each other since high school but were only friends until before Brian left for Air Force basic training he asked if she would be his girlfriend. And after sending him daily letters during basic training, he proposed at his actual graduation in front of a huge crowd of family and graduates. They are getting married in March. Talk about a whirlwind romance!

Remember that post I just did recently about the wonderful organization Welcome Them Home? Well that is how Brittney found Kristine! Kristine has been dying to shoot a military homecoming and was so thrilled to be available for Brittney. They met at SFO and took some detail shots while Brittney anxiously awaiting her man to return, checking her phone every 5 seconds to see if his plane had arrived. Brian had no idea a photographer was going to be there so Kristine set Brittney up in a nice spot and Kristine hid behind a sign far away from her. Kristine describes, "I could feel her second hand anxiety from across the room! After shooing bystanders out of my way for a few minutes I saw Brittney send me the secret sign that he was walking towards her. And he was carrying a pink rose for her. Tear! I did my creepy introduction and they kindly let me stalk them all the way through baggage claim and the AirTrain ride back to the parking garage. They're such a sweet couple". 

**** Brittney has also entered one of Kristine's images in a Facebook contest! Just “Like” Hurry Up And Wait link here and click “Like” on the picture of Brian & Brittney here. **** Thank you Kristine for sharing this surprise homecoming photo session!

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