June 12, 2013

{Baby} Christopher

Kelly of Creative Imaginations Photography has a super sentimental baby story today annnnnd you'll probably get teary, sorry I know I make my readers cry like all the time!! LOL. Kelly and I previously teamed up with a must read very informative post about the importance of hiring an experienced military photographer here

From Kelly, "I have to say there is something so extra special about “growing up” with your clients and having them become like family. Sitting next to mom’s bedside, chatting about the last 3 years in photos we've done, how the kids have grown so fast and all the excitement about this next chapter in their lives is almost overwhelming. As you may know, becoming friends in a military community is much different than the regular world. It is inevitable that probably within 3 years one or both of your families will be moved to another location, sometimes just a state away and sometimes on the other side of the globe. This is a hard reality but it is that common bond of service that reassures your mind that no matter how far, day or night, your military family will always be there. We know this to be especially true in the Marine Corps, which is a 1/4 the size of the other branches. It is definitely bitter sweet to know this is one of my final sessions with the Silanos but I have to say it’s been an amazing journey. Welcome Christopher Vincent Silano into the world!!" 

Thank you Kelly for sharing their intimate birthing experience!! If you want to see more photos of baby boy silano click here.

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