May 17, 2013

{Guest Post} The Importance of hiring an experienced military photographer!

Remember Kelly of Creative Imaginations Photography who is also a vendor of the A Military Story family? Well if you missed her tear jerking baby story click here: baby Kayden. Kelly and I have teamed up with a very special joint post about the importance of hiring an experienced military photographer!

There are many wonderful photographers out there and some have more experience in taking photos which you may be able to tell just by looking at their photo techniques and editing skills. Well if you want some great resources about how to choose a good photographer and what to ask them before hiring them, I will get to that at the end of the post. First I'm focusing on why you should hire someone who knows about the military. The photographer you like may be the most amazing talented photographer but you should make sure that they either have experience with military rules, regulations, customs and traditions or you should take the time way before your event to discuss these with them. NOT ON THE DAY OF YOUR EVENT. Here are 7 important points:

1. Make sure the photographer has Base/Post access and knows where to go on the base! They will need very important documents to even get on base. Plus bases are very big and I, Layla, have been lost a few times on Fort Stewart, GA. Your time is precious, so you don’t want your photographer to get lost or worse, not even let on base. An experience military photographer will allow enough time to get on base, know what documents they need, won't get lost and will have enough time to set up and be prepared for a deployment or homecoming session, and most importantly, your wedding ceremony!!
2. Make sure the photographer understands rules and regulations of a military establishment. There are so many and probably too much to discuss here today, so make sure your photographer knows.
3. Make sure the photographer understands military terms and lingo, they may be a little uneasy at the sight of a "TANK CROSSING" sign or the sudden wave or sound from exploding ordinance from training Soldiers or Marines. 
4. Make sure the photographer knows the importance of special ceremonies and traditions. What's going on, who's going to do what, when and where? Again are there certain rules, customs and courtesies for these ceremonies. (You don't want your photographer in the way of an 8 Marine Sword Details or be in the wrong spot to miss the big kiss!)
5. Make sure the photographer is able to help with military questions. Kelly explains, "A lot of the time brides are civilians and haven't been around the military community very long, so when we meet for the first time at their complementary consultation I can offer them a lot of helpful tips with planning the wedding from a photographic sense, setting up the sword detail, the "slap on the butt" at the end of the sword detail, and cutting the cake with the officers sword.
6. Make sure the photographer takes pictures of the important military details i.e. Swords, ID tags etc
7. Make sure the photographer knows the proper positions and movements, who's who of important guests and lastly but not least – making the Bride feel comfortable and confident in one of the most beautiful ceremonies filled with years of tradition and military honors. 

Below you will find some of our hand picked Military wedding photographs, illustrating those movements, customs and courtesies. Should you have any questions about what to expect at your and any military wedding, please feel free to contact Kelly thru her website: She is always happy to help as an experienced military wedding photographer and veteran, USMC. 


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