May 10, 2013

{Real Wedding} Stephanie & Ben

I hope you are very comfortable and have plenty of time to enjoy today's post! For the first time I'm sharing TWO photographers and 3 photo sessions of the same clients. Stacee Lianna Photography and Amber Murphy Photography have shared a beautiful boat cruise military wedding from 2012. Stacee is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA who believes that "true love is as unique to each couple, its about dancing in the street, kissing under the stars, laughing so hard you cry and your nose wrinkles.Amber, is a professional wedding and portrait photographer based out of Boise, Idaho. Photography has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember; she explains, "there is something so special about capturing the beauty of life: love, excitement, laughter, joy, and those moments that would otherwise be missed or forgotten in time." Stacee asked Amber to second shoot for her and from experience I can say it is so worth it when you can afford to hire 2 photographers for your wedding since you get different perspectives, more coverage, plus one can do detail shots while the other does portraits or you can have one go take photos of the girls getting ready and the other to the guys getting ready. Two is better than one!

So onto the love story of Stephanie and Ben!! Stephanie is from Chicago. Ben grew up in a small town in Iowa. Stephanie went to southern California for school and Ben, a marine, is stationed at a base in Oceanside, CA. Then their paths crossed, and they've been together ever since. Because of the drive, and the traffic, they didn't see each other as often as they’d like but they're cherishing every moment they can get together nowStephanie contacted Stacee to photograph her and Ben before he left on his second tour of Afghanistan. What better way to commemorate them before a long separation than with a fun photo session together which you can see more of here
Well, right before he left for Afghanistan Ben proposed to Stephanie. While Ben was gone Stephanie started planning their wedding. After a long deployment Ben came home safely right before Christmas and the two of them met in Redondo Beach for their engagement session with Stacee which you can see more of this seriously absolutely adorable vintage picnic themed photo session here.
But before you go venturing off to see those 2 photo sessions make sure you see their Newport Beach wedding photos by Stacee Lianna Photography and second shooter Amber Murphy Photography. Stephanie got ready at the Hayatt Regency in Newport Beach and Ben joined her there for their first look. Then they headed down to the harbor and boarded the Newport Princess for their Electra Cruises wedding ceremony and reception. Thank you to Stacee and Amber for sharing ALL these photos!! 

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