May 22, 2013

{Homecoming} Lauren & Corey

Deep breath Y'all cuz this homecoming is so touching! Brannan Blascak Photography & Design a Newport News, Virginia photographer and graphic designer has shared this precious event. Brannan wants to help keep those special moments alive for generations to come and would love to be your photographer for all of them. Brannan wrote this beautiful sentiment about her experience of working with Lauren and Corey, "Thank you Corey, Lauren, a little 6 month old Cadence for all the sacrifices you have made for us. Your bravery and strength is inspiring to all of us and through your service we are a stronger nation. For all the missed family moments since last summer when Corey was deployed to Afghanistan, I hope these help a little in celebrating the new memories you will have today and in the future. Welcome to your new family, welcome to more laughs, hugs, kisses and welcome home!"

Jessica contacted Brannan for Lauren and shared this wonderful story, "I just have to share a quick story about an incredible family and an amazing photographer. This wonderful new mother and wife's name is Lauren. Weeks before she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, her husband Corey left for deployment in Afghanistan.

A couple of weeks ago she was concerned that she wouldn't have someone to photograph her husband meeting their daughter for the first time. I contacted a bunch of photographers and Brannan Blascak in the Virginia Beach area very enthusiastically volunteered. I was absolutely blown away by her incredible talent, professionalism and compassion.

Lauren has demonstrated an incredible amount of strength over the past six months as she has adjusted to becoming the best mother she can be while balancing being a supportive wife while her husband is so far away.

Last night Corey safely returned home, reunited with his wonderful wife and met his beautiful daughter for the first time."
Thank you to Brannan for being there for these amazing families and thank you to Jessica for finding Brannan, you two are angels for 
Lauren & Corey. Also thank you to Corey and Steve for their service! 

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