April 19, 2013

{Homecoming} Kari & Brad

Oh, how I love homecomings!! They are filled with much anticipation, hugs and lots of kisses! Jana Morgan, who is located in Paia, Hawaii, has done such a beautiful job capturing the tear-inducing reunion between Kari (of Style Me Pretty), her curly-haired son, and Brad, the very much missed husband & father. You can see the excitement of everyone after this seven month long deployment abroad. Jana is a fine art photographer who loves traveling and exploring the world. She's enthusiastic about people, life, love, and easily excited about all things beautiful. Something unique about Jana is that she works with a variety of cameras and film which allows her work to offer a unique fine art approach to capturing beautiful moments of life. I love this side by side photo post she did that illustrates film vs. digital image here

From Kari… 

"Having my husband home is probably the greatest gift in the world, to say the least.
It was definitely a roller coaster deployment; watching our baby grow into a toddler (with tantrums to match), missing our anniversary, and birthdays…losing my grandmother and one very frantic (albeit totally silly) trip to the ER. But we weathered it with many saving graces. Mainly, the twice daily calls from my sister Katie, my mom and my best friend Cherie, along with a stream of cherished friends who flew out to Hawaii to visit.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted a photographer there to capture our first moments back together as a family. Photography has always been important to me. I cherish each one of my wedding photos and the photos we took of our sweet little Boden after he was born. I found Jana Morgan after she had been featured on Style Me Pretty and she was definitely the right choice! She was so so sweet to work with me and the flexible date schedule (there was the possibility the date would change last minute!) She was also such a trooper since neither of us knew what to expect or how it would all play out. She is also a film shooter. Something which intrigued me right away. Having a little experience in the dark room myself I loved the idea that these images would be burned into film, with no opportunity to delete. A romantic little touch on such a happy day." Read more about this homecoming on Style Me Pretty.
Back in 1999/2000 I lived in Hawaii because I went on exchange my Jr. year in college to UH Manoa and it was amazing!!!!!! I traveled around Oahu plus went over to Kauai and the Big Island to explore. I haven't been there since and boy do I want to go sometime with my husband. Thank you Jana for capturing this wonderful happy homecoming and letting us all pretend we were in Hawaii watching Kari and Brad reunite! 

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