April 22, 2013

{Baby} Kayden

I've been desperately wanting more baby stories to share, and boy oh boy, we have the jackpot here! Kelly is a new vendor joining the A Military Story family and she has A LOT of baby stories that we will be able to enjoy in the weeks to come. Kelly is the owner and lead photographer of Creative Imaginations Photography which services the Southwest Florida and Eastern North Carolina. Kelly describes her business, "When I originally started this business I wanted to bring something different into the world of photography. I wanted to be able to create images that would inspire my clients, make them laugh and on occasion make them cry. I wanted to create an environment where you no longer just had your picture taken but you were opened to a world where your memories are captured, preserved and forever a part of your history. Welcome to your history in the making." Make sure you also check out Kelly's birth site.

Baby Kayden's story is going to make you cry, so get those tissues out! I am always in awe of women and their strength when they have to give birth while their husbands are deployed and to their husbands for having to watch from so far away when they can't touch or physically comfort their wife. Cpl Matthew and Brooke Jenkins baby, Kayden was born December of 2011, while dad was serving his 2nd tour in Afghanistan and was about 2 months from returning home. He watching from the webcam during the labor and from the c-section room.
The next day these infant pictures were taken by Kelly from the Hospital room – Kelly traveled over 5 hours for his birth so she did the First 48 in the hospital room.
Meeting Baby Jenkins for the first time!!