March 21, 2013


**** A few updates and changes going on the blog! Have you been to the INFO page yet, it has a lot of great resources: Also I added a mission statement: A Military Story Mission: sharing beautiful photos & the stories behind the photos, but also to inspire, educate and inform! Lastly I'm considering tweaking the look of the blog design and my ABOUT page. I'm so proud of where the blog has gone in just 5 months I have 194 f.b. likes and even more business likes (I still wish f.b. would include business page likes into the total), 12 blogger followers, 40 twitter followers, lots of people repining my images on pinterest, 30 photographers have been shared on the blog, 1 wedding planner (yes wedding planners can submit too!), and a few personal photos submitted. Thank you so much for all the support, I'm just 1 person and keeping up this blog is so much fun and a such a joy!! ****

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