March 4, 2013

{Real Wedding} Sasi & Richard

Today's special wedding photos are from Savannah Weddings For Warriors which is an event that provides free wedding ceremonies and vow renewals to active US Military personnel. Weddings For Warriors was featured on Fox News (National) (clip after short commercial)! They also have a Weddings for Warriars Project Facebook GroupThank you Diane L. Dodd for sharing these wonderful photos and also participating in this charitable event! If you missed her other wedding click here.

Sasi & Richard Weddings For Warriors has held on 1/16/13 Sasi and Richard met in Hawaii where Richard was stationed in the service and Sasi worked part-time at a Thai restaurant while she attended school. A customer from the restaurant decided to set up a meeting between Sasi & Richard and it was love at first sight. They were married in a courthouse in Hawaii a month before Richard switched branches from the Marines to the Army. They decided to be married right away because they knew a long distance relationship would be too hard. There was no time for planning a proper wedding and no family was able to attend. They have gone through many deployments as a family and have a handsome young son named Athen. They have always dreamed of a beautiful wedding together, and 2013 marked their 10 year Anniversary. They were selected to be a part of the Wedding for Warriors project where they had the chance to celebrate the marriage with vow renewals and finally get wedding of their dreams!! I just love the parade of brides with the adorable bagpipe player, don't you!!? Congrats Sasi & Richard! 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the Weddings for Warriors story on your blog. This was our 6th event since 2009 and we have helped nearly 130 couples by providing the beautiful gift of a wedding. We are currently encouraging groups in other states to try and start their own. Join us!

    Becky Byous, Executive Director
    Weddings For Warriors

  2. Words can't express the healtfelt gratitude from his mom...never would I imagine that there are those who would sacrifice their time to give all of themselves...heart and soul of themselves, you all are priceless...I thank his wife for taking a chance at W4W..I am truley touched and speechless...thank you and God bless you all; and God bless our troops!
    Carmen Gonzalez (mom)