March 11, 2013

{Homecoming} Allison & Travis

It may be almost spring time but I have some Christmas time homecoming cheer on the blog today from Leanna of Maddox & Co. PhotographyMaddox & Co. Photography is an Urban Style and Lifestyle Portraiture Photography business based in Colorado Springs, CO. Some interesting facts about Leanne is that she was married to her husband inside a CH-47 (Chinook aircraft), she was born and raised in Texas, she is a participating photographer for Red Thread Sessions, and for The Gold Hope Project she serves on the Board of Directors as the Photographers Head, is one of the state coordinators for CO, as well as a participating photographer!! 

Allison and Travis baby story: CPT Travis was deployed for 9 months to Afghanistan from Apr. 2012 to Dec. 2012. Travis found out about this deployment when Allison, his wife, was 19 weeks pregnant with their first childAllison, was 31 weeks pregnant when he had to leave. This was their 3rd deployment. 1st to Iraq in 2007 for 15 months- left 8 months after they got married, 2nd was to Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 for 3 months. Their daughter, Parker Reese, was born on May 2012. CPT Travis was on a mission that day so he had no idea his daughter was born!! He got to "meet" his daughter three days after she was born via Skype. Travis recorded himself reading books to Parker before he deployed so Allison could play them for her. Throughout his deployment, Skype dates were arranged so he could watch his daughter grow before he could be home with her. Parker was 6 months old when Travis returned home from this deployment and finally got to meet his baby girl for the first time face to face

Allison explains, "Parker and Travis took to each other immediately. She definitely knew who he was and had no issues with him what so ever. It is awesome seeing them with each other. It was a long time coming being able to hand Parker over to Travis for the first time. It was a very special moment seeing him hold his baby girl for the first time. She already has him wrapped around her littler finger after just a month of being together! He jumped right into daddy mode and feed her, changed diapers, put her to sleep, snuggled, played, etc."

What a special story!! I love hearing about families being brought together after long deployments and how they use technology to bring themselves closer even with the distance between them. Well I've been on a baby spree and just can't enough, seriously don't you just want to squeeze Parker Reese's cheeks!?! So cute!! Thank you Leanna for sharing these precious family photos!