February 26, 2013

{Real Wedding} Martha & Evan

Are you ready for yet another gorgeous Mackey House wedding and captured by Jamie Weaver!? If you missed Jamie's glamorous dream wedding post click here. Jamie of  Dream Weaver Photos also has a photo booth which you can see in the very last photo the personalized photo strips you get after having fun wearing props and taking silly photos in her booth. I have to say if you can afford a photo booth they provide a lot of extra fun for your wedding. Now onto the love story and military heartache.....

Martha has kindly shared their remarkable story, "Evan and I have been together since June 22, 2005. Since I remember he has always wanted to be a part of the armed services. He went to college for 3 semesters, and it just wasn't for him. He withdrew from school and enlisted March 26, 2008. He completed basic and became a member of the Military Police Corp. He was stationed in Germany shortly there after, for two years. 1 year of which he spent in Iraq. Then, he was re-stationed to Fort Stewart, GA and deployed to Afghanistan, January 2, 2012. 

He obviously doesn't love being deployed, but he loved being able to help his country and support his friends. This deployment for the 549th was a tough one. Several members were lost, and/or injured. April 4th, 2012 Evan became one of the injured. He was out on mission, and his vehicle was hit by an IED. His MRAP was entirely flipped up and over, and landed in the blast hole! His friends quickly rushed to get him and his team out of their vehicle. He was the only only one that was seriously injured. I received a phone call from him around 3:30am on April 4th from Evan. His mother woke me up and handed me the phone. In classic Evan fashion he of course was already joking about. He said hey babe, I broke my nose again. Me being in sports medicine, I knew that a broken nose typically doesn't warrant a 3:30am phone call. I calmly said, "yeah so what else happened?" he then replied, "my truck ran over and IED and I broke my nose, my face is pretty swollen too, black hawk is here to take me, they're going to let me repel into the hospital, gotta go love you." That was how he notified me. 12 hours later I received a phone call from Army headquarters letting me know of Evans "minor" accident. Shortly there after I received another phone call from Evan. He was doing well, and gave me a list of friends he wanted me to talk to. So, I went about notifying his friends, my family, and both sides of his family. It was certainly tough and pretty exhausting but everyone else was freaking out and I had to be strong for them and for Evan. He didn't need a spouse freaking out when he was injured and in hospital. A couple of days later it was discovered that the right side of his face had been shattered. He needed surgery, and four titanium plates to repair it, and then about 2 weeks after his surgery he finally made it home. That was one of the longest and best hugs of my life!! A few months later in August, 2012 he had surgery again to fix some minor things, but he is fully recovered now. 

Evan is always open and joking about his injury. He has my nieces call him Uncle Plate face, and said he even asked TSA to wand his face on his journey home to see if he would set off metal detectors. Everyday I am thankful he is okay, and made a full recovery! I love him so much!!"

Wow! Is anyone else on the edge of their seat reading their story!? It's like a Nicholas Sparks book. What strength Martha showed during this very scary incident. Thank you Martha for sharing and Evan for serving our country. Enjoy their pretty purple wedding photos and celebrate their beautiful love.

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