January 17, 2013

{Homecoming} Nate

Veronica Vinopal Photography is back with a very emotional homecoming. If you missed her beautiful maternity and baby blog post click here. This homecoming was at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina and what's exciting about this homecoming is that it was the same homecoming of my friend Nicki and Shane's, which I just posted here and I was at this homecoming too. Nate is Shane's XO and this is about his story! 

Veronica helped tell their story, "This homecoming was unique for me, in that the pilots actually flew in and landed their jets right in front of the awaiting family members! Katie and Nate are engaged and Nate's mom, dad and sister came down to South Carolina to be there for his arrival (including his sister's daughter, who was born after he deployed and they met that day for the first time...as seen in one of the images below!!). Katie's mother, sister, baby niece and two adorable nephews also came down for the homecoming. Katie's nephews told me they want to be Marines when they grow up. There was lots of love and support for Nate!!

It's heartwarming seeing the transition of everyone's facial expressions as you see them realize the jets are coming closer and will soon land! Since I was actually there too for this event, I have to say it's pretty amazing seeing them fly by then circle around and land. Then all of them get out and join their patiently waiting families. Plus being able to share another family's experience of this same homecoming was awesome!! Thank you Veronica for sharing these photos.


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