January 22, 2013

{Babies} Paisley & Liam

Rachel Smith Photography is back with the two cutie patootie babies! If you missed her previous post with sisters dressed up for their daddy is deployed themed shoot click here. Thank you Rachel for sharing these photos!

Now on to these cutie patooties!! The first little one in the box with her eyes open is Paisley, her parents are Lindsey & Brandon. Lindsey has kindly shared their little love story, "
Me and my husband are high school sweethearts, we started dating when we were 15 years old, and have been madly in love ever since. Our beautiful daughter Paisley Elizabeth is our first, and she is most definitely a daddy's girl!  She stole both of our hearts, from the moment that we laid eyes on her. Paisley was born on September 2012 at the naval hospital on camp lejeune. My husband is a LCPL in 2nd Tanks, where he is a loader on the M1A1 tank. He has been in the Marine Corps almost 2 years, and will be going on his first deployment this coming summer." Thank you Lindsey for sharing we wish you guys strength during your upcoming deployment!!

The second picture of the little boy in the USMC cap is little Liam who was also born on September 2012 and these pictures were taken when he was eight days old. Kimberly, his mommy has more to share, "my husband is a Sgt in the Marines and has been enlisted since 2008. He will be getting out medically at the end of March due to being injured during his tour in Afghanistan in 2010. Our son Liam came three weeks early because I was diagnosed with very mild preclampsia, his due date was actually 10-11-12 which would have been a pretty cool birthday! He is such a happy baby and his happiness thrives off of everyone else's happiness, he has such a big heart already." Oh my gosh I just love love love these little babies and the set up don't you!?

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