December 27, 2013

{Engagement} Sarah & Jason

Caroline Lima Photography is back on the blog with a beautiful eye-catching engagement session. If you missed her previous bride and groom portrait session with sheep click here. She must love capturing people with animals because this photo session is with animals too! Caroline is an Army wife and based in Raeford, NC plus she is available to travel.

Sarah and Jason are stationed at the Pope Army Airfield (NC). They decided to do part of their session in downtown Fayetteville, NC because of the beautiful old buildings. It was a perfect background for the session! One of them even color coordinated pretty well with what they were wearing. Jason did half of the session wearing his blues and the other half on civilian clothes at an adorable ranch with quite the unique selection of animals!

Here is a little more about this adorable couple:
"We met on actually. He had a schedule where he was always gone, and I moved back by my parents, where they had recently PCS’ed, so I knew no one. So the best way we knew was to go on match. It started with him sending me an email, and I of course wrote back, and then didn’t hear from him again. I just kind of brushed him off, and then out of nowhere he wrote back, so I did the same thing to him, made him wait, then after awhile I wrote back. Then on May 6, we really started talking, and emailing…he was deployed so we couldn’t meet, so for the next two months we got to know each other by email, skype and phone conversations. When he came home the end of June, I met him at the airport to pick him up. I would love to say we “hit it off,” right away, but it took us awhile. We continued “date” for a couple months, and worked through differences we both had. Then all of a sudden something switched in us, and it became serious. I introduced him to my daughter, and they hit it off right away. From that day forward we were inseparable.

I knew the proposal was coming. I was doing laundry in our laundry room, and he didn’t know it. He had called the place he bought my ring to see if it was in yet, because we were getting ready to head to Wrightsville Beach, NC in a couple of days, and he was planning on proposing there. So while I was in the laundry room, I heard everything. When I walked out of the room, his face was like deer in headlights. He didn’t say a word, and I just smiled, tried to tell me that it wasn’t ready, something happened and it’s going to be another week or two, but I knew he was lying, I could see it all over his face. We ended up heading to the beach as planned, he waited all day, and finally said lets go take a walk. We started walking, and found a quiet spot, and stopped. Next thing I knew he was down on knee, and asked me to marry him!" Thank you Sarah for sharing your love story and Caroline for sharing their amazing photos. I'm obsessed with that blue + white striped wall and the yellow door!!

December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays

Wishing all the Heroes a Merry Christmas! Praying for your safe and sound return home!! To all the service men and women that won't be home with your families this holiday I want to thank you for your sacrifice and to the families who are without their military members a big ((HUG)).

December 11, 2013

{Charity} Dropcam

From the Dropcam site "The holidays are always a joyous time of year to be spent celebrating with friends and family. However, it’s important to remember the brave men and women serving in our nation’s military, many of whom are not able to be home with their families during the holidays. Fortunately, Dropcam’s innovative Wi-Fi video monitoring cameras can help bring military families a little closer together around the holidays.

Dropcam’s simple live streaming abilities allow soldiers and their families to experience the joy of the holiday season together, even when they’re miles apart.  Military members can tune in and watch the excitement on their children’s faces as they tear open presents on Christmas morning.  Dropcam’s Two-Way Talk feature allows our soldiers to speak directly to their families as they watch the action unfold online right before their eyes. If schedules don’t permit our service members to tune into the live stream, 24-hour Cloud Recording makes it possible for them to relive the moments whenever it’s convenient for them. Dropcams can even be purchased by military members and their families using a special discount at the Apple Store.

In honor of our troops serving overseas this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite home videos featuring military families celebrating the holidays together.  While many of our brave men and women of the military can’t make the trip home for the holidays, these lucky few were able to surprise their families in style." Get the tissues out and view them here:

Dropcam can even be purchased by military members and their families using a special discount of 10% off at the Apple Store.

{side note: If you are obsessed with adorable animals you should also watch this Dropcam webcam that is set up in a zoo of baby cheetahs! Click on this link, then look for the 24 hour button and click there, then click on the wider orange sections where the babies are active. }

December 9, 2013

Blog 1 Year Anniversary!!

WOW! I can't believe it has officially been 1 year since I started this blog!! I'm so thankful for all my followers and those who have submitted to be published. I started this blog because I felt there was a gap in the professional blog world that focused only on military weddings, homecomings, baby stories, etc and showcased all branches of the military. My focus is also on the stories behind the photos since it's their unique stories that pull at our hearts and connect us together. I'm also obsessed with stats so here are some amazing facts about what my little ol' blog has accomplished in one year:

1st post submitted was {Real Wedding} Sarah & Brent from Amanda Nicole Miller - Photographer

Total number of each category posted:

#1 most read post: Marine Corps Ball with 1165 pageviews!

62 photographers have submitted photos
3 wedding planners have submitted events
2 gift companies have joined the vendor page & 8 photographer are showcased on the vendor page

New logos and design was created by the talented Lauren Ledbetter

And to you, my followers and supporters:
387 likes on facebook
88 twitter followers
701 pinterest followers
27 google friends connect
20 bloglovin followers

Here's to a happy and healthy 2014!! I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!

December 6, 2013

{Giveaway} Reebok Spartan Race

 ***** UPDATE*****
On December 7th check out the special airing 90 minute TV special of the World Championship Spartan Race on NBC Sports!!

Plus I am teaming up with Reebok Spartan race to grant one of my readers a FREE CODE to use for a one time open heat in any 2013-2104 Spartan Races in the continental US! Comment below about why you want to be part of this race. For all of my non-military readers, you are able to get a %15 off coupon code for any Spartan Race - Just click HERE!

What is the Reebok Spartan Race? Well they and GovX have just formed one of the largest race registration discount programs for U.S. Military service members and government first responders through the GovX network. Spartan Race, has been voted the #1 obstacle race by Outside Magazine and are the global leader in obstacle racing since 2005. GovX is the leading website devoted to serving U.S. Military personnel and federal, state and local first responders by offering secured access to exclusive and premium products.

Spartan Sprints are muddy 3+ MILES / 15+ OBSTACLES course races. The challenging sprint races are a great way to get off your couch and start living. Beginners to hardcore warriors, and marathon runners alike come out to test themselves on the insane obstacles! This 5k race is comprised of mud runs, obstacles, trail racing, physical challenges and mental challenges all in a 3+ race. 99.9% of all people who try this event will finish, and 100% will have their thirst for mud fully satisfied! Top 3 Males and top 3 Females at each Spartan Sprint qualify for a free entry into a Super Spartan of his or her choice.

 Check out their website with lots of news, events, videos, photos and more here:
Plus see where the closest event is to you:

{Homecoming} Katie & Mike

Katie Yuen Photography is a Navy wife in San Diego who offers a wonderful homecoming experience package which you can read more about here: Military Package. Katie explains, "I am honored to provide photography services to service members and military families; I do so with an immense pride in my heart."

This is the USS Princeton's homecoming was on October 29th, 2013 at Naval Base San Diego. The Princeton was over in the Mediterranean & Red Sea during the Syria conflict. Their deployment was extended several times because of the action in Syria. This was Katie & Mike's first deployment since Mike was commissioned in 2011. They were married in June 2011 and have been together for 10 years! Thank you Katie for sharing these photos. The image of all the Navy service members looking out from the ship as they dock is amazing!!

December 4, 2013

{Real Wedding} Amanda & Chris

Lisa Adams, of Lisa Marie Imagery has a beautiful military wedding to share today, but first let's learn more about Lisa and her story. "My husband and I are high school sweethearts, we've been together since I was 16, he 17. He joined the Marine Corp in 1996, we were married in 1999. We have two boys, Ashton (9), and Gavin (7), and a border collie named Callie. We live outside Seattle, WA. My husband has a full time job as a technical engineer, but is also my second shooter and videographer for weddings and events. For us, photographing a wedding, though a lot of hard work, is kind of like a date; we get to dress up and celebrate with others at such a special time in their lives and always leave the end of night smiling (and worn out). Photographing weddings is such a blessing and usually has us sentimental about our own wedding and love for one another. Oh and one or both of us almost always shed a tear at some point during the vows or toasts. We become emotionally invested in our clients lives and love the friendships we gain from being their photographers."

And now for Amanda & Chris' story!!
"Chris and I met in high school, I was a freshmen and Chris was a junior but we shared a spanish class and sat next to each other. We began talking and Chris started attending my volleyball games, a short month went by and we started hanging out, by October 21, 2007 we started dating. Chris and I continued to date through high school and then Chris graduated and joined the Marine Corp, while I finished my last two years of high school. During my senior year of high school Chris proposed to me out at Kayak Point Beach, and of course I said yes! Chris went back to his duty station shortly after and I had to move to Eastern Washington to attend a University there. Two years later and many trips traveling back and forth to see each other, as well as two previous wedding dates, that were cancelled due to Chris' military obligations, we finally got a date approved and could get married. Chris flew in two days before the wedding and had to leave two days after, so our schedule has returned to many trips traveling back and forth and although, Chris lives on the other half of the country, and I complete my goal of receiving a Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene in Washington we consider ourselves blessed to finally be husband and wife." Thank you Lisa and Amanda for sharing! I just love love love being able to share all these great real stories on my blog. Real LOVE is so strong even distance and deployments can't bend it <3 And now for their beautiful pink wedding photos!!