December 20, 2012

Savannah Weddings for Warriors

Savannah Weddings for Warriors was founded in 2009 by the Savannah Wedding Tourism Council. The event provides free wedding ceremonies and vow renewals to active US Military personnel. Members of the Savannah Wedding Tourism Council joined with other businesses in the wedding, hospitality and tourism industries in the Savannah area to create individual ceremonies for each couple. The SWTC is composed of members from the wedding, tourism and hospitality industries in the Savannah, Georgia Area. Requirements for couples included that at least one, the bride or the groom, be active duty in the U.S. Military; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. Also qualified  were members of the National Guard and Reserve. This is a huge undertaking and a fantastic organization! Registration is now closed for W4W on Wednesday Jan. 16, 2013, but mark you can try for 2014. Here are some photos from previous years.
Jaimi Rickelman is photographed in Temple Mickve Israel prior to her W4W vow renewal with husband SSgt Mark Rickelman. The couple was married at a courthouse with two friends present. They tried to plan a wedding four times but each time deployments prevented a "real" ceremony.  Photo by Shannon Christopher

The Morris Center in Savannah, GA...was the site of Savannah's 2012 W4W Project!!!
Twenty military brides and grooms participated in a group "first" dance that was a highlight of the evening at the Charles H Morris Center. Photo credit James Byous Photography
Seventeen of the twenty+ photographers who participated in the 2012 Weddings For Warriors Project. Over 130 individuals and businesses participated to provide free ceremonies to the 20 couples & 140 of their friends and family members. 
Participants enjoy a group "first dance" as shown here at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum near Savannah, Georgia during the 2010 event. Credit photo by
For more information on this or possible future events call Becky Byous at 912-656-6541 or SWTC President, James Byous at 912-656-6539 or email

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