December 14, 2012

{Homecoming} B & R

Today's homecoming photography is by my best friend, Nicki Bursae, she is a marine's wife stationed in Beaufort, SC. Nicki is a professional photographer who specializes in weddings, family portraiture and boudoir. I shared her wedding here and soon I will be able to share her special homecoming she just had with her hubby. But enough about Nicki, even if she is my best friend, today's homecoming is showcasing the reunion of a beautiful family.

It was a seven month deployment and "B" had left just a few days after the birth of his first daughter, so it was a very happy reunion. "B" is also a former Top Gun instructor! Their squadron is called the Sunliners (Navy F-18 shadron) and is based out of Virginia Beach. This reunion was shot in 2010. Thank you Nicki for sharing the photos! 

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