November 12, 2012


Advertise with Us! 
A Military Story just started this year and I would love for you to join our family! We are a fully focused military blog that will share photos from military couple engagements, weddings, homecomings, babies, and more. Plus provide resources on military customs.

Advertise Options:
~Sidebar Banners 200 X 200 pixels that links to your website

~Sponsored Posts/Giveaways: A blog post on the front page about your business. Copy is written in the voice of the Editor, Layla Mayville, and her personal opinion will be shared. I will work with you to craft a post to meet your needs, and make your business shine.

~Vendors: Do you work often with military couples? Contact me to join the vendor listing. I'm carefully selecting professionals that have amazing talent! Memberships require a 12 month commitment. Very affordable rates as I build web traffic. Plus you get your very own facebook photo album to showcase your photos on A Military Story facebook page.

Blog Stats (as of March 1st, 2014): 
Weekly Posts (avg): 3

102 twitter followers
506 facebook followers
736 followers of my pinterst board
2,644 Pageviews and Unique Visitors 1,310 on average per month
9,552 Unique Visitors 20,706 Pageviews in 1 year
68 photographers have submitted photos
3 wedding planners have submitted events
2 gift companies have joined the vendor page & 8 photographer are showcased on the vendor page
57 real weddings
32 homecomings
17 charity posts
16 baby stories
13 engagements
5 guest posts
7 sponsored posts
2 Giveaways 

Please email for rates and more information at Please don’t forget to send a link to your website so I can determine if you are a good match for our readers. Plus link to the specific military work you have done.